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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 27, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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morning. >> reporter: there's a challenge, the major challenge is i-95 at virginia. we are going to start with a look at the shot that tonyat showed us i-95, trying to get ge past twot separate accidents. here we are again this is 123,is there was an accident on the hov lanes, northbound, which was near newington, off on the shoulder and there was another accident on the main lanes, near the springfield interchangeld moved off the road. nonetheless here is the backup, both in the main lanes and the hov lanes as you head north the occoquan up to springfield, it' hardly moving. we are moving the camera arounda this is the outer loop leaving college park headed to silver to spring. you can see the delays outerys loop extending around past, earlier accident that was on the inner loop near connecticut avenue cleared away.eare some how is it's the usual ua volume on outer loop headed wes 495. 395 as you approach the 14 street bridge, we are doing
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pretty well with the delays north of springfield but clearing up pretty much as you approach the 14 street bridge.rt not too bad so far this morning. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. a vote is expected in new in york tonight. but the draft resolution does not include any threat of force ifof syria does not give up its weapons and it does not blame the syrian regime for usingg chemical also this morning the worldwide chemical weapon watchdog groupp is calling for inspections toios begin by next tuesday.da only a few days before a partial shutdown of the federal government. so far there's no compromise on federal hill on funding the government. there's votes expected today buy for more on that we are joined by sherri ly. this vote is headed to the senate where a vote is exeatedd
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somexpectedthis afternoon. a bill to defund obama care is at the crux.e it got to midnight on monday to avert a parch the shutdown. a stop gut measure, would send the bill back to the house where republican leaders have said they won't accept a bill that doesn't take away money from thm healthcare law. la president obama has blasted gop for trying to take away that law, and at the risk of a shutdown. republicans thatcans said three years ago that this law would be arma ged done, now they are threatening steps that would hurt our entire economy, n not because of the affordable care act but what they're going to do. >> we are not going to accept
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the weak economy no new jobs, bs and shrinking the wages.e >> no deal is reached, 800,00080 federal workers will be furloughed on thursday.. the national parks will closell and the smithsonian museum here inmu d.c. as well. they are expected to post post details about the shutdown plann later this afternoon and yesterday be supervisors beganro the process of determining essential employees who could continue to work. now tony and allison, interestingly enough, early this week, d.c. which would normally shutdown as part of the federal government shutdown said thatutn they were going to defy that anh so far it looks like congresske isn't going to stop them from doing >> very interesting. >> that is another angle to see how it plays out.t. >> a whole another layer. >> turks sherri. they had put>> themselves, excuse me in harms way, and now some of the first responders whs worked to save lives at the navy yard shooting are being honored.
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d.c. fire chief kenneth ellerbel will present more than 30 paramedics with the medal of honor. the medal recognizes pebz of thf the department who expressed. this after a crew member had a i heart attack. that crew member was rushed tos the hospital. ho we don't know his or her not can. flight was on its way from houston to seattle. the airline is working to get the 160 passengers to their ei final destination. eight high school studentses maryland are expected to be okay after an out-of-control driversr plowed into them. this happened yesterday eveningy at northwestern high school at hyattsville. a 19-year-old driver who only has a learners permit lost lost control of his car and slammed into the rotc unit as they were
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practicing in the parking lot. they think that sun glare can be a factor. >> i can tell you that when i was coming to arrive on thearrie scene, the amount of sun glare on my face was devastating. i'm not sure that may have played a role but it may have. >> driver of the is did i sta oe scene. he wasn't supposed to be driving without supervision on that learner's permit. there's al worldwide red alert for a british woman wanted for planning terrors in ken yavmenkenya.she is not wanted fe attack last week. >> reporter: they are dubbed the white widow, now the interpoll acting as the request, she is wanted not in connectionn to the mall attack but a bomb attack at a resort in kenya.
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loop way is brish british born, converted to islam and was was marriedtown with the suicide bombers on one of the transitant systems, she was pregnant and remarried to a kenyan man in 2011 when investigators say shes became involved with them. she was questioned by kenyan antiterrorism police but they let her go when she showed a south african passport.can it turns out that was a fake. a those who know her say they are surprised by the allegations ale saying she is a kind person. >> she is a very sweet mother of a number of children, familyly person, i knew of her, and her when she was growing up and she was very family oriented.. meantime at the site the massacre in nairobi, they have recovered a vehicle that wasvehi believed tocl have been used byb the terrorist.
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there may be other vehicles usee by thehi attackers but they gave no more details because thecause investigation is o ongoing, 10-12 militants were involved in the attack, most were killed in gun battle or taken into into custody. there's concerns that some so managed to escape, tony and allison. >> care o, thank you. >> thank there's been a lot of talk about the ios7. last week it was the complaints of how long it took to downloadd it, some people said it took hours, now the new grippe is gr about features that make you literally sick. lauren demarco is here with that. we are talking about nauseous and sick. >> vomiting. talkingis what we are about. >> make you feel like you want, nauseous. >> so yes, you feel nauseous. so the ios7 has been downloaded more than 200 million times ti
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according to apple making it the literally the fastest software upgrade in history which is pretty amazing. of course, as is all of theseese upgrades, there's been a lot of complaints, the most interesting which is actually making people sick because of those movements on the screen.on here is an example, the icons,o, the wallpaper behind the icons kind of move making them look 3-d. and it sounds silly, peopley, griping about this, but after i was looking at it for a while, the motion sickness. >> and somebody who was susceptible to that. there's an issue with some the t apps the way they zoom in and out quickly. we got some the quotes that are showing up on the apple forum. there's one person saying, ing, thought i was going crazy todayy after updating my phone, i ph noticed i was feeling queasy every time i used it. now i just used my iphone for 20 minutes, and now i feel likel
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i'm going to vomit. vomi there has got to be a way to turn this off on. on >> using i swrork ios7, is makie nauseous. >> here is one thing you can do. go into is setting, click acces abilitydaccessibility, and redue motion. that is one thing that you canca do. but the animations are still il going to be zooming. there's some people that areat e actually trying to come up with new apps to fix it, you know. >> we can fix it. >> as far as downgrading to i06, you can no longer do that, thath is not an option anymore. get this, with the new i07 debuted it was national awareness balance week. >> odd. >> i love that.e >> i didn't know that. >> hopefully -- know, i don't have an
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iphone, but it just seems like the i iphone, there's always aes little bit of something. i think that is what happens when youis are so huge. >> everybody is waiting to see t what is wrong. >> but they will introducetrodu fictions ifixesis always what t. >> and in the meantime you gave good advice how to reduce the motion. it's 11 minutes afterafter severn. still a -- 7:00, a controversial comments a popular pasta company is under fire for antigay comments, what was said and then booming boycott that the compant is now t facing. want to have salad with that burger, veggies with a happy meal. this time they are targeting kids and adults, what exactly the changes will be and when will we see them. them when are married couples at their happiest, we have the results of a new study and the
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answer may surprise you.u. >> can i say when i'm the happiest? >> sure. >> when i'm on vacation with my family. we head to the breakhe live look outside, a girlfriend doesn't hurt, either. >> we will get the latest weather and traffic from tuckerr and steve when we come back. ♪
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♪ welcome back, everybody. dj rags helping us groove into n the weekend. what is this music called? >> can you hear me. >> it's a little bit of '90s style with some the current cu stuff. it. like >> talk about the jazz in it,
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excellent. >> in the meantime, tucker isis here with good >> very good news for the forecast, more of the same no complaining as we are expectingg more sunshine this afternoon, temperatures in the mid-70s mi for afternoon highs.oon >> every time i say that, i wani to say the same as it ever was. >> same as it ever was. >> talking heads. >> mine. ahead. >> the video.. >> 62 in washington, 50s in quantico in leonardtown, 57 for you. winchester, wi, 45 degrees, cooler hold on to the clear skies. there's regional temperatures, e you can see nothing terriblybly extreme, the typicalty temperatures for the end ofend september, we will turn the turn torner for in a couple days,da cloud cover, moved in the last a few hours when we got to work early. in, these willwill trend toward breaking up, and ad dissipating during the course on
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theg and by afternoon, we should be partly sunny. i can't promise we will be mostly sunny, weekend forecast looks great, high pressure, thee same area of high pressure offpr the great lakes will continue to establish its dominance for the mid-atlantic and that means shine both saturday and sunday or mostly sunny conditions, how is that for consistency.nsisten mid-70s each day, overnight lows in the 50s and dry rightdr through the next seven days. all right. lot. e it a that deserves applause. >> it does. >> great. >> all right, thank you. riglet's get the latest on traffic. steve hershorn for that. good morning, tony and we take a look at north of town 29 the western par through laurel and past the beltway, down 95, and 270, 27 slowing from montrose road to the lane divide. we head west of town, the toll l road, north of reston right now but on 66 sliding well from
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manassas to centreville on the 66 trip inside the beltway, just going through falls church eastbound, otherwise, to the roosevelt bridge and across the wilson bridge we're looking pretty good. here we are with a live look at new hampshire avenue where we we see a little bit of volumeof vo starting to pick up already at new hampshire that is ash good signir as we me our way around maryland, and we head over to the camera it went out. here we are on route 50 inbound, 202, northeast on maryland a ma little bit of volume passed 202 in cheverly, that is going to be slow, northbound i-95, in virginia, still trying to geto past the two earlier accidents that we heard from the roadway. that is a look at fox 5 on time traffic. 7:18, when is the happiest time in marriages is it the newly wed marriage or the 50th h
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anniversary. we turned to you for the answer? >> good morning, everybody. >> so the answerd accordingmo o new research is the 30 year. they say first year you are still on that cloud post wedding happiness and then you move into the second year, you are still t getting comfortable with livingg together, and that sort off thing, the financial situation,i by the third year, you are -- -- you are money, you are used to o sharing the finances, apparently. you are used to sharing space,i and song they say most couples d we're talking over 200,000 couples polled.lled. >> wow. >> they say the third year is most happiest. when you talk about the most difficult years, can you guess which year that is. >> first year. >> a lot of people responded re with first year. >> it's got to be the 7th year. >> you're close tucker, it's ths 5th year, because most couples by the 5th year you yo are thinking about kids, youki take on more work load with sharing the house stuff, and
7:19 am
housework and that sort of thing, the 5th year.year. let's get real. every day is a hard day. every stinking day.y. >> it's a battle, right. >> we're up and down.down. >> making the bed, who is goingg to make the bed.e b the shower curtain. >> it's a series of compromises. >> yes, allison. >> you know, you have to work ao a marriage. i don't think every day is hard, though.. >> okay. no. would think, i would think that once your kids are grown up and you have the golden years, that would be the best. >> the best years when you shiph your kids off to college. >> you can enjoy your time together.toget you have accomplished somethinge you got the kids done, how longe have you, been there. th >> five years, this is our 5th year, drnt have our ou child until the 4th year. >> but you said the 5th year. >> you know, and the survey also revealed that by 7th year.7t
7:20 am
if you can survive to the 7th year, then you are going to be having -- it's so sunny -- funny because it's interesting to hear.he >> when you have been married for a long time, and then youyo get divorced it's interesting. >> gore and kipper. it's they are breakup.break >> they just want to be happy. >> they are divorcing on good terms. >> yes. >> you know why. because a it's of>> -- in the old days people stayed together. you just stayed together. you know, i'm in this far might asle with finish it out. i think nowadays, people -- remember they say 60 is the newe 50, i think that people are youo know what, this isn't working we are not happy. we don't have to stay together.r they often split on good terms e and they're looking, i'm goingi' to enjoy my next 20 years or whatever. agree, most people are
7:21 am
thinking like that. >> good luck getting through the 50s. you.yok >> try to make it through the 7th year. the founding father, and the nation's what went wrong.wrong. what will be happening involving national treasures in our area.our we will bring those stories up next. 62 degrees on a fabulous friday.
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an executive from the world's ex largest pasta producerring companproducerringd a boycott. bo >> he would, if feel objected to that, they should eat a different kind of pasta. within hours the hash tag boycott borilla was trending. tr he later issued a statement apologizing for his offensive
7:25 am
remarks, and said he had been trying to draw attention to thee central role of women within any families. >> he didn't do it very well. wl there's two special things h happening in the region aimed at preserving national treasure. in northern virginia, the presidential library opens in mount vernon. vern >> look at that. >> pretty. >> the pojt is designe projecte. >> i got to go there. th >> it's interesting that they could placeer aesti structure lu that on are historic property. r and maybe off to the side. >> all right.ri >> and also, efforts to keep the national mall are going to get a big boost today. the company that makes john deere tractors are expected to o announce that it's donating $400,000 worth of equipment toum the trust for the national malla >> some of that equipment is specialized to take care of neww turf that has been laid down in parts of the mall.
7:26 am
more turf restoration isn is expected to take place next year. a mysterious box of jewels e turns up on top of a mountain. it's a possible connection to a decade old plane crash. move over, delicious yummy salty fries, at mcdonald's do because fruit is moving in. we will talk about the changes mcdonald's is making to its menu, next. 
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i love that, dj rags has a project coming on november 1st. it's the third lp. tomorrow called tomorrow is yesterday. that.nds good, like >> we will talk more about thato inre a just a little bit. speaking of music, we havewe bad news for fans hoping to pi attend the rock the bell, hip-hop festival, big deal, it's been canceled. we are told due to low ticket sales. thingst be other working. conflicts going on with another event in new york. >> musician kendrick lamar, and the woo tan clan were among many
7:30 am
schedule to a appear. these are huge names in music, the decade old traveling kicked off on accept 7th will lose approximately $3 million. they will refund all the tickets. go. wanted to >> yeah, tourists. >> nice weather for it.weat >> ithe was all --- >> my focus is on the high school football for the weekend. there are locals, right? righ >> how are your football teamsbl doing that year. >> i don't know how they are doing. >> i don't know how the battling barons of bethesda high are doing. the wild cats. >> we were fierce -- >> my football team traditional traditionally has been great. >> i got to check it out. >> i don't know. i >> i do likeon one high school,i go to my old. >> we should check out how wilson was doing, this is wheres we work and that is not far froa
7:31 am
us. we had check out how the wilson tigers are doing. perfect weather for footbal this weekend of all sorts flag football.oo >> peewee football. >> the redskins are in oakland.l >> they are in good shape nor weather. washington this morning. clouds rollingds r through, but we are going it turn partly sunny and highs in the mid-70s for your daytime highs today. t 50 manassas, out to winchester, 45 degrees, and 45 in cumberland this morning. cloud deck rolling in from ther north and east this morning. can you see we got a little bit of cloudiness across the region nothing we can't kind of battlee here and the sun will win out, and eventually we will turn partly sunny. there's no moisture associated with it.with there's the low level moisture,e andl the winds shifted off the moisture off the ocean. that is what iisture was doing n cloud deck. weekend forecast looks great, high pressure, salet of same o area off high pressure talking about all week, not moving, and
7:32 am
this time of around we are getting nice forecast, bothfo saturday and sunday looks nice and sunny with plenty of warm temperatures, in fact, the 70s will be the rule here for thethe next several days. early clouds give way to some afternoon sun, it will be partly sunny later today and a mild day. gerch tonight57 tonight, and pa and cool. there will be clouds around fror time to time, generally sunnyals conditions, notice the dry weather continues into next week, pretty soon we will bell talking about dry conditions and how much wedi need rain, and so maybe wean will scoot out some rain bit end of next week. >> that is weather, we will check out the roads with steve v hehershorn. we will start looking on a map where we had two separate accidents wasn't in bee borough avenue and one in benning road,d two accidents leaving maryland heading down 295 from 205 205
7:33 am
kenilworth avenue. ands you head through cheverly, look for the delays at 295, route 50 at 202 with the volume bunt a major backup.up. that accident stays a while. whl those two accidents on 295, tha could change or watch that. look at the fox 5 on time traffic. the menu at mcdonald's isnas getting a healthy overhaul, thet world's largest fast food chain is rolling out fruit and rollin back french for more on what we may soon notice at the drive through will be noticed by july a director o nutrition for the direct or of nutrition at the mcdonald's strategy >> i know there wasat a big announcement yesterday in conjunction with the clinton global initiative, but my first question for those who are tuning in right now just hearing this, you assure them, you'rere not getting rid of french fries,
7:34 am
correct? >> that's correct. offering the>> th choice of french fries, but we are really making a commitment to increase access to fruitsts vegetables and low fat and fat free-dairy at mcdonald's. >> tell us what this is about, and what are you going to be doing, and what are the changes that people are goinge to notic? >> absolutely. excited to share with youeit the some of recent changes wean are making on this nutrition journey in mcdonald's. now in the tom 20 countries wet are going to be making a side salad available as an alternative to french fries. i have afr side salad in front o me. it provides two cups of fresh vegetables with heavy greens, right red tomatoes, and shaved carrots and it's a great optiona to swap int a salad instead of fries. >> is this geared towardtoward children or everybody? >> this is going to be in offer offered in our value mthe top 2t
7:35 am
relates to happy meals, we aree going to be offering more choice than ever.
7:36 am
it was a mutual partnership. the clinton global, is as a prospect. as a dietician to see president clinton on stage with our ceo don thompson it was a momentous moment for mcdonald's. this is how we drive meaningful change. >> when can consumers expect too see thea these changes? >> it's early as first quartert next year. so early january next year, youu
7:37 am
will start to see the side sala as an option and you will seewil the changes with the happy meal, advertised and already iny restaurants today. >> with the sidere salad, if i pull up and go in and order a value meal will the person say would you like fries with that.. will they say would you like fries or a salad with them? >> yes, it's the choice of fries or a saled. just how they would ask you what kind of drink would you like too have, it's now choose your sides.ides >> interesting. julia -- a successful effort, wf thank you for talking to us this julia is the director of nutrition for the global menu team strategy at mcdonald, thank you very much. >> thanks, we hope to see you yu attitude mcdonald's soon. >> probably this afternoon, as a matter of fact. that's thema truth. sever7:38.
7:38 am
that will bwe will be back with.
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gnaw back with photos of tht baby paren dah. p she is 3 pounds and more thanth 14 inches long. zoo vets say her heart and lungu sound very healthy.he her eyes haven't opened how cute is that and won't for r few more weeks. she is very active and has markings. is already trying to supportsuo her own weight. >> so cute, oh my goodness. >> i wish you could just -- >> you know the mama must go crazy. >> because she doesn't understand, where are you taking my baby. how little she is.e >> the noise that came out of her mouth. it was probably like ---- >> so we mentioned all our high schools. >> wild cats, and the at 7:00 tonight, they with one and two losses butted they are heav favored to win tonight. the mount vernon majors are
7:42 am
1-2, and tonight they play pl stweart astewart 7:30 at mount >> they will be redskins in a couple years. >> did he say that?th >> the bcc battling bar rones,r, one win two losses and they play tonight, seneca valley highhigh school. we one was 25-15, and 14-24, and we kind of got blown out of that one. >> but we have one win. >> all of our teams are 1-2. >> go majors. it shouldma be beautiful for it. i love this time of year. >> we should go to the gameme tonight. to -- tony perkins. >> fans and didn't take thetake light away from these young athletes. >> that wouldn't happen. >> it would sowoul happen. >> it's not like i'm denzelnzl
7:43 am
washington walking around out there. >> so what, you are tony perkins. >> have you been walking around ar out there.. >> no problem walking out there. >> thank you, tucker. [ laughter ]r ] >> the family. >> 53 in washington,.ngn, >> we're a family environment.ot >> conditions, we do have clouds moving through the region andrei here is theon set up for the weekend, high pressure, the same area of highess pressure talkin all week, unfortunately it's's going to be delivering beautifuu weather, no complaints, will bee some clouds early and we have a little bit of a maritime layerre out there, things will gradually turn to sewn shin sunshine lates afternoon, the weekend forecast, both saturday and sunday, generally sunny, we will have clouds with highs in the mid-70s. forecast, 73eekend saturday, 76 sunday.t >> thank you,ur sir.da let's go to steve hershorn. he has latest on traffic. tr hi, steve.hi >> reporter: tony, we are, are going to start with a look atlo the map.okth we have two separate accidents as you enter the district, one
7:44 am
at borough's avenue, and one at benning road. and the benning road accidentac clear you had but still very ve slow as you head into town at 295. between college park and new hampshire avenue on the right, outer loop is slowing on i-95, - everything is open at the mesh legioamerican legion bridge, the not moving too bad as the rush hour gets going for the last hour now. here we are at 66, it's cleared out through manassas, that is is heavy news, and to the gel belte much better than usual. northbound 95, still very slow from before the prince william parkway to the scene of two accidents of newington and springfield, both cleared away. we will check the beltway on on saint barnabas road on the top side of the screen headed not no too bad, slowing after 21010 briefly to get to the wilson bridge. fox 5 onlook at the time traffic.c.
7:45 am
a journey this week to onewk the world's most famous 9 famon peaks. climber discovers a box with jewels worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. it was sticking out of the ice.. the emeralds, rub bees and sa saphires were in a metal box marked made in india. it's more than likely the jewels belonged to a passenger that off plane that crashed in the 1950s9 >> i keep expecting to see a picture of the jewel box. the climber turned the jewels into police who are trying toto track down the owner's relatives, it's not uh-huh common for items from items from the two plane wrecks to turn up from time to time because thee movement of the ice eventuallyev pushes them to the surface. >> isn't that weird. >> i would love to see a picture
7:46 am
of it. >> give it time. >> it will show up on the internet. coming away, it's a fall oasis for family.y. halholly is at the farm festival, good morning.ti >> reporter: it's one of ourva favorites. good morning to you. it officially starts go today,od but not before we get to do thee official ribbon cutting on their corn maze the biggest and best in ouran area.our in fact this, is a festival that keeps getting better each andr every year, weea will tell you o about it and how you can come about it and how you can come and have fun with your family next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. blaholk and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
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7:49 am
one of phi favorite songs. >> i know it >> s and guess what, she is celebrating a big birthday. the big 40. >> you go, girl. >> look at how lovely she is.
7:50 am
did you hear 40 is the new 25. >> i thoughted it was the newne 30. she is a big fox 5 fan and she and her husband fall asleep and wake-up to fox 5 daily. happy birth day to and many and many more. more to become a fan of the day go to facebook page and post a comment under melanie's picture. it's the fall festival. >> we are talking about an incredible maze and pay pumpkin patch. andit's that time of year holly is here to kick it off fo us. >> reporter: it's feels like that time of year, it's going to be a beautiful weekend, come an get in on the fun on the first weekend of the fall festival, they have been doing it for some time here and they know how to do it right. and paul is here and it's always good to see you.e >> thank you for coming out today. our porter: it's pleasure. we have literally watched this
7:51 am
festival grow.. >> it has grown over the years, every year we have added new features. we have over 20 acres of corn maze, but if you are out, for a corn maze, there's so many other things, we have a wagon ride with cows with a cow train, we have a corn ride. ri we have pumpkin cannons, we have giant jumping pillows, and we w have so many things that it's a fantastic fall festival. it means the fall has come and temple corn maze opens. >> reporter: it's fall, and fal we are interested in the corn maze, that is why we come back e each and every year. this year it's 20 acres. >> and the theme is. >> the theme is local firefighters. >> reporter: we have a picture offe overhead.overh >> when do you start getting ready for this.
7:52 am
>> reporter: it's open today. >> we plant the corn in june ana layout the pattern and cut it i and it's really one of the most spectacular corn mazes in the country. and porter: it really is always good to honor our firefighters. now paul, it would be extremely fun for you and i to run througn the corn maze but i brought two experts to kick it up a notch. >> absolutely. is morganr: this and brody. >> good morning. >> reporter: how many corn mazes have you done. >> i a lot.>> we have been here every year. >> reporter: how many. >> severn, scix of six. it's such an honor to be able to cut the ribbon.on. i'm concerned that the ribbon says danger it. let's cut the ribbon. holly, why don't you cut the ribbon. >> i will cut the ribbon.on. ready, here we go and officially open. work for people that haven't done it before? >> it's such a fun thing because
7:53 am
you get to choose your passport. your passport has different questions based on emthat. we come up to pay number. here we have number one. >> you got to choose whether you do halloween, girl scouting interactive and corny.n you answer questions and itnd tells you which direction you shouldre go. >> reporter: whether you answer correctly determinestl whether you goy to the maze. >> part of the fun is getting gt lost. >> reporter: is part of thef te fun getting lost.lo. >> yes. >> reporter: which one are we choosing. have halloween, and corny. >> favorite is hol halloween. you saved me, because i was going to go corny. that is how i roll. >> first one says every halloween charlie brown helps his friend linus wait for character to appear, a, the grinch, b, caster the friendly
7:54 am
ghost, c, the great pumpkin. >> c, great pumpkin. pump >> even though you never knew linus and you have never heard of kass per, right?t? >> paul on average how long do people spend in the maze? >> you can spend a long time if you get lost, but, i'm not sure there's a great average. aver >> we got another one, let's do a different what do you want to do for this one? >> corny. >> how many years ago did peoplele first start growing corn. >> a, 4,000, b, 2 hurricane, or c8000. >> hum. >> maybe paul should be our corn lifeline. >> 200, is a too short, way, way, too short. >> i'm thinking like 8,000. i mean corn has been around aa
7:55 am
long, long time. >> yeah, 8,000. >> well, i don't know if that i right or wrong. you guys run up there, and see, you let me know what goes down there? >> this is what you need to snow, is our website. link to the temple hall farms, the fall festival opens today and runs throughh november 5th and here the deal for the first time 201,371st year that -- first year that you are going to beto able to come on fridays. i say, come if you can. it gets super busy on the weekend. is what they specialize here.ze we are not only going to talk pumpkins and the firefighters. since that is what the maze is attributed to, they got cool fire we will see you at 8:00 hour. >> holly, can you i ask you aa quick question. i know you do these mazes you see them all the time.ll th is this corn unusually tall? >> i have done quite a few of
7:56 am
these corn mazes and this is the tallest corn that i have seen since i can remember. but you know, maybe it's an owen to the wizards, they start practice today, right? >> the basketball players i like it. >> the corn is the perfect height to take an ear off of, look atf, that. that >> that is -- >> leave the corn on. on. >> the corn trees. >> don't touch the corn. >> thank you, holly. >> they are like corn trees. right
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
straight ahead, at budgetatu and behind schedule, metro silver line is on track to openc on in the next few months. sherry ly is on the track for the finishing touches. allison say more. seymour, a terrifying fall at a metro station. we will talk about the good samaritans who rushed into action to help save a life. >> i saw it yesterday.
8:00 am
>> yeah, sober. >> it's disturbing.s >> the guy had had a few drinks. >> he said only two. >> but you can kind of tell, te because you just walks right off. >> he does. it to you in a little bit. >> you got good news for us. >> yes, weather wise, it's going to be better and better thisthis afternoon, just like the last la couple of mornings waking upup with cloud cover out there, but gradually, we will turn mostlysy sunny mid-70s. >> will there be a chance of of meat balls or just cloudy. >> maybe you and the girls.girl. >> because you know that is where we will be this weekend.wn >> the previews author this onee look good. >> check out curve' kevin's reve >> and the -- >> it's near and dear to your yo own heart. >> yes. national 63, 57 dulles, and 62bwi marshall, we are going to slow low warm upup there with the cloud cover, we are going to hold the numbers down a little bit in the nexte few hours.
8:01 am
back into the 70s and itan should bed very comfortable.e. there's a little cloud deck working, and the working out ofu the north and east, and we're we getting air off the ocean, that is causing the low levelleve cloudiness that we're dealing we with. just like yesterday the cloudsos will have a tendency to breakupr here, we should be nice by mid afternoon with temperatures in i theth mid-70s. there's the forecast, no rain today, nice afternoon, going go through this evening, niceng, conditions as well. all right, very good, thank you,, let's check in with steve hershorn for a look on time traffic. we're going to take a lookk at the map again. we're down to one accident on 295 southbound, it's down, neare benning road, it's still slowinl things down as we go to theth eastern avenue, everything look like is about to be open. op watch for that delay on maryland on to 295, southbound, live look at 270 southbound, near montrose road, it was a broken down wn
8:02 am
vehicle sitting on the middle of the roadway, sitting on theon center lane. la trying to squeeze around it.ze u we have the de la delay formingt 270, here we are at route 28, 2, it's getting heavy headed downhe to montrose road and the lane divide getting down to the divide. ath better looking beltway be near the wilson harbor, before the bridge at 295. still looking at those delaysde orktdelays onbeltway, and silved one more stop in virginia rightg now. delays on and off thee virginia parkway, too early an n accident to cause a huge delay e have long cleared away. that's a look at fox i have to time traffic. steve, thank you very much. in the shadow of the shutdown.shut lawmakers have less than four full days to reach a deal, butbt instead some seem content to point fingers. today the senate seems to be
8:03 am
intent on a spending bill that will fund the government but,en they are gutting funding on the president's healthcare the lower chamber of commerce co won't accept a bill that he says is just spending with no plan for cuts. the white house is willing to bet the house blinks first saying it won't budge, either. >> the american people don't pee want the president's healthcare bill and they don't want the government to s the republicans are listening. we pass aid bill last week thath will do just what the american people have asked. >> some have threatened down a government shutdown if theywn if can't shutdown this law. others have threatened an an economic shutdown by refusing to pay america's bill if they can'a delay the law. e >> that is not going to happen as long as i'mto president. >> first of four votes in the senate is set for 12:30 today.
8:04 am
we are back with a look at the other stories making headlines. good morning. we begin with a landmark la looking at the causes of climate change. the enter governmental panel of climate change reform won't be ' out until monday but it -- it's extremely likely that we have ha been the cause of global warming since 1960. the last -- in 2007 used the words very likely. there's a desperate search goino on right now in the building -- five stories of four of them flat up to ninety people couldeo be trapped under the rubble. at least five are confirmedd dead. and last few minutes rescuers pulled a tine' baby from the rubble -- tiny baby from the rubble, 40 hours after the
8:05 am
collapse.coap mayor vincent gray will present more than 30 first firs responders with the medal of excellence. meanwhile the navy as ordered aa probe of the last week's deadlyl attack in addition to the fbi investigation. build noting 197 where aaron alexis went on his shooting sh spree will be closed indefinitely. the navy says it's a crime scene sc and even when the investigationi ends, they are considering aa range of changes on the building. there's no push to ease up on the cell phone restrictions. next week the faa will considero whether to allow passengers more freedom on using electronic items on flights. so far they have to turn off of cell phones, and e readers when the planes are below 10,000 but new planes are equipped witd equipment to prevent thatthat
8:06 am
electronic interference. >> many people will be very happy. have anymore incidents from that. >> he made money from that ad, good news. thank you, sarah. all after five years and nearly $3 billion the first phase of metro's silver line extension is almost complete.mpet yesterday crews spent the day wrapping up testing on the tracks and putth the finishing touchessed on the five and putting the finishing touches on the new stations. >> the vill silver line first pe is $350 million over budget andd it's behind schedule butut construction is on target. testing will continue and it's due for completion in the next two months.moh >> electronic information boards, and finishing up on the elevator work. >> reporter: metro's new silver line is taking shape. construction on phase one is
8:07 am
about 97% complete. co only a few things left to do. the construction and skylight to give metro's newest station a a modern look.modern >> it's very different ff architecture. >> reporter: the mcclain station 71st o the first of five stops that will tower above tyson's corner and it's hard to miss. we builtilting that miles through the tyson's corner roshcorner. >> reporter: 580,000 and more than 16,000 tons of steel to build more than 80 miles of rai line. that is enough concrete to builu three football stadiums and an steel for more than 1300 cars. >> on our left is the inboundnd line heading in toward d.c. on. on the outside is the outbound u
8:08 am
line headed to willy avenue and reston. projectter: the manager has over seen se construction from the start. >> it wasctio a year and a halff preparatory work before the rail line started just moving utilities. >> reporter: won construction isco complete -- once constructo is complete in november, metrob, will take over.ov but there's more to do. right now testing is underwayun and you might see trains on thei tracks but thens line isn't it t to open until next year. >> the test trains that are are running are full of testst equipment. that is what they do. they are not the kinds what of traintr you will be riding. >> reporter: anwi added bonus for all of those commuters on co the go who have to go, these stations have restrooms. as for the escalators and elevators, notorious for failing on metro. >> many i can promise you, theyo will work. >> reporter: u, the silver line is ready and on track for opening. claps for the restrooms from
8:09 am
tony. well, only two of the five fi stations will have parking. that is the down side. the willy avenue reston station will have st a public garage ana private company plans to open aa temporary lot near the mcclain station. now work on phase two of the silver line all the way to dulles international airport iss now underway, but that won't bet done for another five years, tony and alse allison. pretty amazing to see it alt go app. pretty incredible.dible. salvaging this season, the skins head to take out the oakland. they are heading out west in what iswe being called the must-win game. we will check in with the sports junkies for a preview. chris wallace will join us live from capitol hill for aora look at what he is working for o fox news sunday. it's 8:10. we will be right back.  really special.
8:10 am
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see the real deal. check out all the designers maxxinistas are scoring. t.j.maxx.
8:13 am
you may know dj rags. we are doing to talk to him. >> when i was younger, we used s to listen to a lot of jazz. >> whoever that was. >> this to me sounds like li something new that i would like, you know, follow. >> that is kind of exciting.tin. >> yeah, yeah. >> a a new wave of jazz. >> right. >> and it's not -- >> which i know you love. >> okay. >> let's go to tucker bhawrnz, bh hbarnes.he has something as wel. >> reporter: let's do our photo of the day, our favorite time of the day and we have a he big hello to autumn..
8:14 am
>> i'm talking about the name. >> this is her first autumn. >> she is eight months old andol get this, besides her family, her favorite are tony and allison. >> yay, we love you autumn. >> it looks like right now she is telling somebody you got to watch tony and allison. >> telling her baby friends. >> autumn watches the show everw morning before heading off to daycare. >> she is simply adorable. simply adorable.orbl >> yes, she is.. >> tucker you are still awake. >> yes, he is mesmerized by how beautiful she is. >> is i'm sure she loves you, too. go to and autumn we love you and we love the picture, thank you for sendingsn it and great smile. jayyeah, adorable.ble. we are 40s and 61 in
8:15 am
leonardtown, and 50 in martinsburg, cooler to the west. what has been happening is we got cloud deck to work in therkn past hour or two, and that is helpful, the temperatures a little bit here in the urban corridor. 58 in new york city. and 45 in columbus, temperaturee nothing too extreme out there,, seasonal temperatures and we are expecting more of that today. th if youat look carefully, you can see that low gray, the cloud deck working through the region at the moment. out to the west you are not ar dealing with it. we got sunshine. we will trend to more shine after the morning clouds. we should remain dry later today, and there's your weekendd forecast can't be better. 73 saturday, 76 on sunday, a fef clouds both days, it won't be perfectly sunny, but generally e comfortable conditions, overnight lows, in the 50s, no o rain through early next week. we that forecast.
8:16 am
let's do traffic, steve hershorn has the roadways and things areh wrapping up here steve, what iss up. >> we are trying to wrap up, not everywhere, 270, it's slow passing 28 down to montrose mo road, we are going to continue down to 270. it wasto a problem, a broken don vehicle sitting in the mile ofmi the -- the middle of the roadway, before you get to the point, the delays continue on 270, down to the incident and then it's up as you approach the beltway, not too bad across theh american ledgerrion bridge, onrn thlegion group.and heading to tr nothing in the way, everything is looking pretty good across the american legion bridge.. 95, at the prince williamwi parkway starting to clear out after getting by a couple of accidents. broke not down vehicle not cause -- broken down vehicle not causing too much of a backup, that is a look at your fox 5
8:17 am
traffic. trying to toeral are shutdown obama care, the president is pushing the changes despite the obstacles on implementation. those are the twoi topics on sunday this morning. chris, good morning. >> good morning, allison. >> you are talking about the same thing thatta everybody iss talking about, especially herepe in the district,ci the showdown and how the affordable careff plays in all oforda this. of >> it's all going to be playingl out on sunday morning because i looks like the senate is going to pass, take out the defundingg of obama care, send a bill to to keep funding the government for a couple months and send it bac to the house some time later today. figure outgu has tor what to right now, not only do i nott know what they're going to do, o don't think john bhainer o boehn what the house is going to do. there's a conservative. and they are willing to risk a
8:18 am
shutdown, we are not going to pass aare clean bill to keep the government running, we want something in terms of obama of b care. they are going to pass something, and we will be talking to the number three republican in the house, he is s what we call, he is one who hass to get them to the majority. we will be talking to him on sunday morning. >> you have a couple of exclusives and we will be watching for. that before i let you go, we are going to be talking about a vee exclusive club and you have a a medal of honor recipient fromrep the vietnam war era on sunday. >> this was one of my great treats of my life. li i got go to gettysburg, ge pennsylvania and one of the hosts of the congressional medal of honor society. it's the highest award that the u.s. gives for military valor in action.ion. 3400 men and one woman have ha received it over the last 150 years, there are only 79 alive, 44 of them were at this
8:19 am
convention up in gettysburg are. i was there, and we are going to be talking to one the members, barney barn yo barnum, 73 yearsl lives in the area, won it for fo vietnam.nam. tstleit was the first medal of r winner, they don't think you receive the award, but you getge at ward for what you have done. he went back to vietnam and served another tour.he he is ar great guy. it seems when they give them atm ward, it's not only for what they do. it confers an eloquence and a thoughtfulness. you will be so proud, and soth inspired to hearle barney barnum and a couple of the ones we talked in gettysburg, talking about the award, the patriotism and the love of country. >> i will have the kleenex reade owreadyfor you, chris. >> you can catch it here on fox 5 after fox 5 morning news on
8:20 am
sunday. all right. it is now 8:21 on this friday morning. coming up next the lunchtime tally. wait until you hear how much americans dish out for that midday meal. me >> are we still doing that? >> some people still >> yeah. >> okay. it. just can't afford to do >> i know. >> later, holly is getting us in the mood for fall with a trip tp the pumpkin patch. ♪
8:21 am
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8:23 am
well, we say happy birthday to google. to celebrate, the company gave itself a makeover. it includes, better search formula and today's google doodle is an interactive pinata >> you idle your mouse over the google to figure out what it means and learn the little things about >> i lovegs that.. >> a weird effect there for a second. >> sometimes i have to control my voice, because i'm really a super hero on. working away from home. it's easy to errand up eatingeag out for -- to end up eating out
8:24 am
for lunch.r >> the visa survey, fu funny th should do this survey shows that america go out for lunch twice a week. adds up to an average of $929 a year. and men out spend women, and 1% of people are spending $50 per lunch. to 5 grand per year, and those who make less per year, spend more for lunch. >> maybe they are grabbing something on the go. >> i bring my lunch. >> allison is speaking the truth. her lunch every day. >> so you can control the ingredients and the calorie count. >> i have a helper. reason i hav can do it.
8:25 am
>> thanks, mark. >> still ahead on our next halfa hour. you want mark to make yours, too. >> still ahead in our next half hour, we are talking about about dj rags, the man who has beenhas helping us to get into the weekend. taste in musicis and how you can catch him.
8:26 am
i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women.
8:27 am
so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
8:28 am
♪ ♪ ♪ chilling music.sic. >> okay, this is my new jazz. sorry old jazz.y this is my new jazz. >> who is this? >> it's you. >> this is original music. >> dj rags. we're going to find out. we will tell you about a group u he is in. is this is nice. >> this is good.
8:29 am
before we get to weather, tucker and i want to say thank you to one of our viewers, what is his name, his name is kirk wilson.w >> unbelievable. at end of thethe august, and your birthday a the and he sent us personally made birthday >> how cool is that. >> look at that. >> love happiness and everything thathapp is wonderful, every day have a great birthday. look at the clouds. >> and he made me a -- >> he put your name on it. >> and he made me a birthday card that is all beatles, i mean, he made this. >> that is so creative andful. beatles.t's the >> happy birthday, tony. >> isn't that great. >> and he sent me a little --tte these are beatle stamps from the 1960s. so this is some original '60s memorabilia. kirk, this is extremely nice of you. you didn't have to do t but
8:30 am
thank you very much, it's much u appreciated. that is very, very nice. kirk wilson. >> yeah. >> i love that. >> thank you very much. >> t birthday so he can send you something.g. >> not until april. >> remember allison. >> he is working on your card. >> what kind of clouds are those. >> a little cumulus clouds. >> yeah, cumulus. cu >> i learned from the best. >> we got stratus clouds out there at the moment. that is leading to gray skies. a little color. i think i mentioned, you guys, , was up near frederick a few days ago, and it's amazing, you know, we're so close, and yet their th trees are about a week or two ahead of us here in wash whash. >> howashington, how can that be, tuck. >> the temperatures, we got an amazing area where we got a loto of different and our geography g and that kind thing. >> there you go, trying to get some color in the trees, locally, it's expected to peakto
8:31 am
in october. we still have some time. >> all right, helping those temperatures, 63 in washington, and we're off to a cloudy start, we should see the sun break out by morning late afternoon. 63 in annapolis, 63 degrees, to the west we go, where temperatures overnight fall back into the 40s, 50 in winchester, 48 in cumberland. it's cooler when you get off toe the north andt west. we kept the clear overnight and you are still clear to the nort on and the restd of us dealing with thi cloud cover, and to the north and east, we got a push off the ocean, a little bit of moisture off the ocean had as that caused a level of low clouds, it's not going to stick around and we will be partly to mostly sunnysy in afternoon. i'm not sure it's going to be bright and beautiful day.tiful we should see sun this afternoon. dry around here, here not only this afternoon and tonight, for the weekend, if yo have weekend plans, it should be about perfect out there today.
8:32 am
clouds today and the area of high pressure doesn't budge a whole lot this weekend.t weth keep generally cloudy skiek in for the weekend with high gh temperatures in the mid-70s right through the weekend. there's at cue weather seven-dae mid-70s around here, saturdaynd and sunday, overnight lows inht the 50s, no rain in sight fort r the next seven days, no big storms in site, we will keep the weather pattern into early oc. that is a look at forecast. tony and allison, back to you. in the dj corner. dj rags is our guest this morning. is brian, raganis circumstances; is thassi,it's . >> this has been very different from anything else we have had on the show.on the and we like it. talk about the jazz influence, is that your music?c? >> actually, so the influence was from myua father. my father had '50s and '60s records so i gree up o grew up h
8:33 am
we take and make our own drum kits and put it behind it. we rearrange it so we are creating like our own music. >> you are pulling that fromtha yesterdayer year and mixing it now. >> does that come from the announce growing up, why did yod think you could this could make it inco this day and age.age. >> some of my favorite groups, and a lot of is the fun stuff and so much of that is missingmi today. we decided to make an album in 2005, and we put it out ourselves, and it's continued to take on. it's actually gotten signed to record labels in japan and things like that. it's beent a very rewarding. >> when you say you are speaking of the jazz addix. it's a group for a cooperative. >> it's three of us, it's mud, the unknown, and myself dj rags.
8:34 am
>> say hi to the mud and unknown. release yourout to third album. >> november 1st, it's calleded tomorrow is yesterday. >> i love that.ov i love that it can be successful in this day and age, becausecaue good music is good music and that comes through on youryo project. >> i appreciate that, thank you so much. >> now where can people, because you are not really in the clubs like around town. >> right. >> where can people hear your music or download your music. >> if you follow my twitter at dj rags, i do a lot of different events in different areas, i'm going one in quaker town october 5th. around, but travel i'm i heart radio and pandora, if you look us up, itunes, basically all the online screening sites. >> to find basically dv rags,
8:35 am
and the jazz -- the dj rags, and the jazz addix. i would have the most fun with that. i would go with that. >> you are saying playing near or dear, we are saying that the dj rags finished in the top 10 in this year's world online dj championship. we are talking worldwide! >> worldwide. >> yeah, it's still mind blowing when i think about it.ou it hasn't fully set in, because it happened this month. >> right, right.ght. >> there were 350 to 400djs in the competition, and it got down to the final 27 and from the final 27 and then got the top p 10. so i just sweeped in at ten. >> that's great. the top 10. >> what is the gorilla logo on. is this yours. >> this is gorilla clothiers, they're based out of the virginia-dc area, they have been good to me, so i try to support them. >> we had one of your menties on
8:36 am
foreign objects, because dj rags works with the beat refinery. if you are watching and you're interested in trying to learnn i what you do. tell us about the beat refinery real quick. >> the beat refinery, is one the highlights. an eight year hiatus, andnd i recently came back because ofe my students.studen watching them learn inspired mee to compete again. ag we teach beginning throughrou advanced levels of mixing, and these are serl certified classeo you can say we are certified. we also teach ableton with is a musical production class. there's two locations one in bethesda and one in herndon. we have open houses coming up ap the >> it's great to have you here. dj rags at twitter, and you cann get information about jazz addix.
8:37 am
the release is on november 1st. >> more dj rags, and turn it up. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ...
8:38 am
... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia? [ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.® made gluten-free cereals in a bunch of yummy flavors. like cinnamon chex, honey nut chex, and chocolate chex... we're in cereal heaven. so thanks. from the mcgregors, 'cause we love chex. it would run on the most affordable energy source available. it would charge overnight. every morning, you'd wake up with a full tank, ready to go. if the car was invented today, it would be the 100% electric nissan leaf. with over 200 million everyday gas-free miles already driven,
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8:40 am
back now with some must-see videos. shooting rampage prevented when the suspect's gu jammed twice. it happened on tuesday night att a fast food restaurant in texasa police say the suspect tried too squeeze off a few rounds at customers during the holdup, but his gun jammed, he went outside to fix it and came back in to try again. look at this. is >> no mask. >> idiot. >> but the gun still wouldn't g off thankfully. >> a massachusetts man lucky to be ma alive. have you seen this video? he fell on the subway tracks, check it out right the man is a new doctor and tol authorities he had been out celebrating the fact that he had passed his medical boards with a few cocktails. he laid on the tracks motionles until a few good samaritanstans jumped into action pulling him to safety.ty >> finally more driving trouble for george zimmerman.
8:41 am
new dash cam footage shows the former neighborhood watch pulled over by police again. this time for having windows that were too tinted. it's his 4th brush with the law since he was acquitted fort killing trayvon martin. it's 8:42 on this friday morning. coming up next, the keys to the are going th to check in with the sports junkies with a look at what the skins have to e do to finally get that w. first here is holly. >> reporter: when is theis first last time you saw a firefighter on a camel. come on, take it off there. show them what it's all about.ll it's all about the fun here and this has just begun. we're outside of leesburg. this year, the firefighters hav a lot to do with the festival going on.go we are going to tell you all about that and why you don't want to miss that. next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.  um, hello.
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8:45 am
it's an emotional goodbye, a goodbye to rivera. who is retiring as baseball all time saves leader. >> he is having quite a >> yes, he is.yes, h >> quite the time. all right, the o-3 redskinsn face, believe it or not a must win situation on sunday, taking on the 1-2 oakland raiders onand the road. while it's a 53 man roster, all eyes are still on one player, py although they shouldn't be, quarter back robber grirc grirc. let me tell you what was up, tucker was online reading the oakland newspapers, they areey e looking forward to this game saying it's a game for them to get better.t they are going to get better onb the redskins, straighten outn their season.ei they are looking at this as an easy win. >> well, probably a lot of team look forward to playing the
8:46 am
redskins defense. the redskins defense has been horrendous, so whether it's terrell pryor, they have an opportunity to put up some numbers, but it won't be terrell pryor, it's going to be matt flinn. 143 in his nfl career, he hasas thrown two passes this this is ais guy approximate wh s inexperienced. he got the $10 millionio guaranteed because of what youcs did ine one game with green bay. but he is still inexperienced. if you can't beat him, who can you beat? >> it shouldn't be all about rgiii, and agree with you. it's not enough for al to get into the groove where he kranks 110. >> it's the raiders, the raiders are terrible, but so are the lions. since 2003, two teams have loste more football games than anybody
8:47 am
else in football, the lions whos beat us and the raiders. who we have to beat. even though the lions caught usg last week, we are playing a woeful team. they haven't scored more than 21 points since november of last year. are pretty anymore ic anemic offensively. >> it's a wizards shirt. >> come on. >> that's a nice shirt. >> let me ask you about we played some sound earlier, i i'm sure you heard it, too. santa a mosque asked about rgiii. about robert,ou i'm concerned about me, and i'm trying to get better. do you get a sense that the tea is kind of getting tired of alll the rgiii talk. i'm not saying they're getting'e tired of rgiii. >> we are getting tired of talking aboutof course, the teag tired. a mic stuck in their face, is rgiii's knee 100%, is ,
8:48 am
he going to be the player thatpl heay was in his rookie season. >> the only one that is notot tired of talking about rgiii is rgiii. win.e tonic is a >> there's been so much scrutiny. matter if it's rgiii, any quarter back gets most themo blame when the team isn'tam winning and then you add the whole health factor to rgiii. that is where the executeny isee coming from. -- scrutiny is coming from. there's fatigue there. if you get a win the conversation changes.ti >> i think you areon absolutely right. >> is everyone going with the skinsonego there? >> no. going redskins, he isisticking with th is stick, but he is a raiders fan.fa >> i was sticking with the lions, and it got me a w last week. >> at 9:20, we do our money
8:49 am
morning patties. pa he is over 3. and this guy scnt pic can't picg right. that,will listen in for guys, good to talk to you.o we will talk to you againag monday. >> thank you. >> sports>> junkies, the 106 had no106.7 thefan.f >> they're going to do it. it's berch cool in the -- b mornings, and the leaves are starting to change. chan >> another sign the fall festival several get underway. one of the favorites get underway today. holly has more on the region. >> reporter: we are spending the morning at temple fall farm. you can't do as fall festival without pum pumpkins. there's a variety of ways with you can celebrate and enjoy pumpkin festivals. john moore is here to talk about it. john. >> it's good to see you.e >> reporter: how long have we been doing this?
8:50 am
>> a long time. this is our 14 maze, you have yu been here approximate at least a dozen times. >> reporter: i think so,ozen we are getting younger. it's that good country living. >> yes, ma'am. >> we have pumpkins, and we got between 15 and 18 ache erlz ofe pic18 acres of pickyour own pum. >> reporter: you got a nice crop up there bit store. >> by our store and in the visitor's center, we have a bunch of prepicked pumpkins, and pumpkins and gords and the mumss as well. or we ask pick a wagon ride like you did and go out on to the field and pick your own. >> in terms. pumpkin do you pay by weight? >> yes, by the pound. >> the pump skin pumpkins are $a pound. mm we were commenting on the corn maze,ent the last hour the corn is like crazy high. >> those pumpkins are looking pretty >> you are going to have a ha
8:51 am
special day as well when people can come out and carve.e. >> it's october 26, it's aber 2 saturday from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. people come out on and we will have an area set up where we ca do pumpkin carving. we have cool pumpkin patterns for the faces and designs inside to rub ognns tattoos. we will have those available fob the people to use, so it will be a lot of fun. >> reporter: and there's my superstar marvin and brody, cleaning out the pumpkins this hour. it's a good thing they came out this morning. they also go with the camel sampson. and you also saw in the video me taking that little hey ride so to speak out to the pumpkin, thank you. i will be talking to you later. and i wasn't risin riding alonel i was with several firefighters and that is because the corn maze is attribute out to thethe firefighters, and they got some of the west out on in loudoun county. so i have tapped, michael and a
8:52 am
the president of the fire volunteer fire company. thank you for coming out on.r >> thank you.>> tha >> you guys are adding something a little extra special at in the festival this year. >> we're trying. >> just the community presence ththe public, publ and more since october being fire prevention month and everything else.erhi and the corn maze being dedicated to the fire t department we like to keep a presence. >> reporter: they have quite theey presence. this is not ane emergency sceney there's no fire here at all. it is a chance for, you know, there's something really cool about fire trucks, right? >> oh, yeah.>> >> i know. >> so you o can come out on and out on see, and tell me about some of these, because some of these are pretty special. got this truck over here that is 1959 ford that belongs to temple here, and john and them board it in, and this is a leesburg grade that is a piece of that we still use and then oh course, we got our immaterial ql the tanker and the engine here,.
8:53 am
>> what about this one rightt here. generations. >> the old one.>> >> the old t one. >> tell me about the old one. >> jimmy from leesburg brought it out, and it's an antique on they had used that many a times. >> that used to put fires out on. >> at some point. every one of these has.has. >> every one of these at someso point has put fires out. >> what do we want people to come out here and thank you to you all, we want them to come t out and see the equipment, but what else do we need to remember in terms of fire prevention month. to comeves us a chance out, and a lot of times when we meet people on the community it's in the merg emergency scens not the best, and the clocks are getting ready to change.o always you want to change your batteries, don't check them, just change them. talk with them a little bit. lil the ones we don't get to see in their schools and have a safety plan for home. and go home and mom and dad is
8:54 am
make sure you have a safe plan out of the house. >> i think one of your your department's finer moments isens when you were on the camels als few moments ago. >> in absolutely. >> you can use that. >> i wanted to make sure. >> i got a picture. >> you can come out on and enjoy all the fun that the farm has it offer. festival opens today, and it runs through november 5th. and for first time they are open on friday so you can come outen and joy the events all day long. this place has seen so much, you would hardly recognize it, we will show you the new knee furs in the 9:00 hour. back to you all. >> all right, holly, we will be looking forward to it. >> we will be right back. ♪
8:55 am
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9:00 a.m., i'm tony perkins. i'm allison seymour. the world's pasta maker is feeling the heat of gay families. call for a pasta boycott. say i0s severn. >>we are going to call apple. it has a few new features thatus is making some people sick. >> motion sickness, what is behind the i phone nausea. >> some boasting and some mocking and now twit errants. rapper kanye west not too happyy with kimm lexer. kimel. what one side finds funny the fy other side not so much.
8:59 am
>> he has been on our show before and king of queens, andad comedy central. he is going to be with us in just a little bit live in the studio. >> uh-huh. >> and a nice guy, too. too. >> we liked him when he was here before. >> big show.. >> really big shoes. >> tucker barnes is here, how about that? >> we are look being brighter,h, we got cloud cover to start your morning. the temperatures in the mid-70s. >> we will take it. >> you know,>> it has been perfect. >> it has been.has >> 65 in washington, and there's dulles 68, and bwi marshall 62, clouds have been rolling in from the north and east this morning around our area of high pressur which is up in the great lakes, with the winds out of the east and the north, we are getting the ocean flow, that cloud deck, you can see it parked across our region at the the that will continue to push toue the west ando have a tendency to dissipate as you get right into our full daylightho


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